Here at Black Label Models our escorts, waitresses and dancers take great pride in their work and appearance.
When you meet one of our elite companions you are meeting not only someone well trained in the art of seduction, you a meeting a young lady that might be studying, an entrepreneur, have full time employment elsewhere or be an avid traveler. Our escorts make time available to see you and as such we have compiled guide to help ensure both you and your chosen companion make the most of your time together.

First and foremost we recommend you take the time to read through our website and familiarize yourself with our services and ladies.

Once you have decided on an escort as a companion, waitresses for your event or exotic dancers call or email one of our friendly coordinators.

Please keep in mind when booking with Black Label Models that we are a business just like any other. If your phone manner is polite and respectful we will be more than happy to entertain your call. Rudeness and crassness is not tolerated.

ONE BASIC RULE FOR ALL OF OUR CLIENTS TO FOLLOW upon booking an escort, waitresses or dancers is to be respectful towards them at all times.
Keep in mind that they are professional. As such, if you treat them with respect, organize payment upfront, without argument you will become a valued regular client and as such may develop a close ‘friendship’ on a business level. We are careful to choose only the best escorts, waitresses and dancers that have a passion and enthusiasm for what they do.


BEFORE one of our Sydney based high-class escorts join you please take the following into consideration. This will ensure that both you and your companion get the most out of your rendezvous.

SHAVE: For ultimate enjoyment we recommend you shave your stubble. Our high class ladies will be more willing to engage in passionate kissing you if their face isn’t going to be sanded off by your 5 O’clock shadow. Pash-rash is not only unsightly but painful.  Our escorts will always be manicured in all areas and we recommend that you do the same. A clean-shaven  or manicured pubic area is much easier to access than an overgrown one and much more desirable.

CLEANLINESS: This may seem like a no-brainer however it is extremely important that you are showered (paying particular attention to your private parts), have brushed your teeth and have fresh breath, your nails are cut short and you have fresh underwear and clothing on. Add a dash of your favourite cologne and you are set. Once again, our escorts are professional and will always turn up immaculately dressed and presented. Hygiene is extremely important. If our model meets you looking  (and smelling) your best we can guarantee that you will be able to explore one another more intimately and thoroughly enjoy your time together.

MONEY: At Black Label Models we accept both major Credit Cards and Cash for payment of services.
When booking an escort:
If you have decided to pay cash for your time with one of our elite escorts, we suggest you put the pre-arranged amount into a plain envelope and hand it to your model upon request. Please do not be offended when the model recounts the amount. It is part of our procedure. Once the paperwork has been taken care of you can both relax and make the most of your time together.
When booking a waitress or dancer:
A similar procedure is to be followed as above. Please ensure payment is made upfront and taken care of. If you decide to extend you will need to contact the office to discuss payment.

When booking an escort:
Your nerves may get the better of you, especially if booking a high-class companion for the first time. We are all human after all. At Black label Models we are not adverse at all to you having a few alcoholic beverages to calm the nerves however it is an extremely bad look to have one of our escorts join you if you are in a state of extreme intoxication.
Please keep in mind the booking can be canceled if our escort feels unsafe or intimidated or you incoherent.
Please also note it is polite to offer your chosen companion a drink when they arrive. Whether they request a glass of water or champagne please ensure to open a fresh bottle. This is for peace of mind for the escort.
When booking waitresses or dancers:
Refreshments are to be provided to the staff for lengthy engagements.


Once you are together, and after going through all your preparation it is important to remain courteous and polite. You may be feeling so excited that you are going to explode however refrain from groping and fondling your escort as soon as they walk in the door.
Offer your companion a seat and something to drink, engage in polite conversation. Take care not to ask too many personal question as this will make your chosen companion feel uncomfortable and may result in you being asked extremely personal and inappropriate questions in return.


As discussed above, when asked for payment by the model, do not make a fuss about it. Everything has already been pre-arranged.  It will lessen the mood considerably. Do not try to haggle with the model, count the money in front of her or underpay her… Our escort will leave immediately. Once again, this is a business transaction, like any other so please treat it as such.


The moment has finally arrived and things are starting to heat up.
Ask your escort what they enjoy during intimacy. If they are having an enjoyable time they will strive to make sure you too attain maximum satisfaction.

Always remember NO MEANS NO! If you have tried to do something the escort does not like don’t try it again.

As mentioned earlier, our high class companions are all professionals and have taken the time to get to know you. They enjoy sensuality and sex. They are spending time with you because they want to. Don’t give them a reason to leave.

There are certain things we ask  you not to do in order to keep the evening sensual and not to make your escort uncomfortable.

They are:
Don’t ask for their phone number and personal details.
Don’t ask the escort to stay back or join you socially without payment, outside the agency.
Be aware not to be too rough with her during intimacy, squash her, grab or bite her breasts too hard, pin her down, try and remove the condom during intimacy, using your teeth for oral sex…

Take things slowly, engage in sensual kissing. Ensure she is as turned on as you are before penetration.
Keep in mind that all women like different things so take the time to find out what it is that your chosen companion really enjoys.
Considerate lovers always reap the rewards and a gentleman is ALWAYS appreciated.


When booking an escort:
Once your time is over with your chosen escort please accept that the time is over unless you wish to extend. Again, please refrain from asking the escort to stay back with you unpaid. She will want to leave you with pleasant memories and give you a warm farewell, let her do this without you begging her to stay back with you.
If you have both had a wonderful time together you may wish to enter into a long-term engagement. These can range anything from one month through to a year or longer depending on your chosen companions other commitments. Our friendly coordinators will help you to arrange a payment structure and guidelines.
When booking waitresses or dancers:
When the pre-arranged time is up please let the staff leave unhindered. If you wish for them to stay longer you need to contact the agency and organise payment for an extension. As with our escorts, please don’t ask the ladies to stay back unpaid. It leaves a negative taint on what would have otherwise been an enjoyable evening.


Your discretion is of the utmost importance to our agency.
As such, all our escorts sign a non-disclosure agreement before they commence working with us. Any details that a model may learn about you during your time together will always remain confidential.
Furthermore, your personal details used to book an escort, waitresses or dancers will always remain confidential.
Your privacy and identity, we guarantee, will be protected.
Our escorts have full lives outside of the world you meet them in so please respect that and their privacy. If you see them out it is fine to say hello and be courteous however turning to your mate and saying “she is an escort” is not only immature but potentially very damaging. As mentioned earlier, many of our ladies have professional careers, are completing university degrees, are full time models and may even have a high public profiles. They treat your privacy with respect, all we ask is that you do the same.

The safety of both you and our escorts is also extremely important to us.
Our models are tested regularly. Please accept that our escorts DO NOT do unprotected intercourse. This is to protect not only them, but yourself also.
Our escorts reserve the right to terminate a booking if you try to have unprotected sex with them or slip the condom off while you are changing positions. Our ladies weren’t born in the last shower… They know every trick in the book and will catch you out. So don’t embarrass yourself.

At Black Label Models we wish to provide both you and your chosen companion with wonderful memories that will leave you wanting more and more.
The key to this is simple but effective. The more gentlemanly you are, the more comfortable your elite escort will be. The more comfortable she is the more willing she will be to create an incredibly sensual, erotic experience that you will both get maximum enjoyment out of.